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January 18, 2008

Men in crisis (middle-age)

    By the time everyone reaches their mid-age they will have experienced some major transition in life such as a new job, a new wife, or a new child. The most commonly known major transition for middle age adults is called by many “midlife crisis,” I call it “finding one’s identity.” The famous psychologist, Carl Jung, calls this the psychological change.”  He further states, that many of our values and beliefs carried in the first half of life we should let go and face the second half unconsciously.  He suggests taking up a creative activity, such as art or writing. 


  Who goes through this midlife crisis?  Researchers point out that serious midlife problems are actually experienced by only 2 % to 5 % of middle-aged. Louis Tamir calls this period a deep-seated, self-doubts of confusion.

    Much of the evidence against the existence of widespread midlife crisis seems to me to be compelling.  For example, Costa and McCrae developed a midlife crisis scale that includes items about a sense of inner turmoil, a sense of failing power, marital dissatisfaction, and job dissatisfaction.  When they used this scale in a cross-sectional study of over 500 men ages 35-70, they concluded that there is no particular age when deep depression occurs.     The most effected ethnic group is white males and the suicide rate is higher than other subgroups, which remain high well into old age. One reason this group is affected the most is they are usually well educated and they have more extravagant dreams, according to experts.     Many couples that experience turbulence during this period, studies point to the major cause as being martial dissatisfaction.  Professional counseling seen to become the only variable remedy, couples need to talk it out and avoid the divorce courts. 

January 9, 2008

It’s not over until Obama wins!!!!

NH, is only the beginning of a highly contested run for the White House between Obama and Hill-Billy Clinton. Hillary, I feel used the old defeatist mentality (cry baby) in order to draw on the emotions of the women voters. Come on people — see through the smoke screen.

January 5, 2008

What Obama can do for America?

In my opinion, becoming the first Black President of the United States speaks loudly and exemplifies towards other nations that we condemn slavery, and the negative laws that propagated enslavement. Obama’s presidency, will not only affirm, but solidifies those States apologizing for their participation in slavery. This would be a concrete sign and declaration that America has begun the reconcillation towards a unity for all people. I believe that an Obama presidency would truly unite the message that was so eloquently penned in our Constitution that “all men are created equal.” Obama message will unite Americans concerns and common issues, such as the war in Iraq, our beleaguered economy and affordable health care for all Americans.

Some may say, is America ready for a Black President? My response to that question is was America ready for the first Black Baseball Player to enter the major leagues? The right person took on the challenge, named Jackie Robinson. Was corporate America ready for Black CEOs running multinational corporations? The right people came along and brought prosperity to these Corporations such as Aetna, American Express and Time Warner. The right people took on the challenges they were Kenneth Chenault, Ron Williams and Richard Parsons. Obama is the right person for the job at hand. As president, I believe he is the right person to rectify the numerous ills that are plaguing America.

January 5, 2008

Hello world!

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